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Tucker's offers first class, on-site jewelry repair. Our goal is to provide every customer with the highest quality workmanship - workmanship you can depend on to stand the test of time. Whether it's minor chain repair or something as dramatic as remounting your ring, we take the time to do the job right, and we guarantee your satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services, and we now offer the convenience of the area's only drive-thru repair service!  Come by our new location and take advantage of our many repair services, including:

Antique Jewelry Repair and Restoration
Only a craftsman with years of experience and a keen eye for structure and detail is capable of truly repairing or restoring antique jewelry. Like most antiques, antique jewelry can be weak or brittle. Furthermore, many antique pieces were hand wrought, meaning only someone with firsthand experience in intricate custom design can appreciate the delicate construction and how best to approach it. Lloyd Tucker is a master craftsman and personally handles our antique jewelry repair and restoration. And when you see the results of his work, you'll see first-hand that his profound interest in preserving the traditions of the past is readily apparent in his work.

Retipping Prongs
Over time, even the strongest and most carefully crafted prongs begin to weaken. In some cases they even break. Weak or broken prongs are serious concerns when it comes to protecting your investment. Often, retipping your prongs is a good way to strengthen your mounting. By adding metal and restructuring the tips of each prong, the mounting is made stronger. However, it is very often the case that replacing your head or mounting is a safer, more responsible course of action.

Ring Remounting
We spend a great deal of time doing remounts for our customers. Sometimes prong damage is too extensive and requires a new head to be applied. Other times, our customers elect to upgrade their gold mountings for stronger, brighter platinum mountings. In either case, we take great care in protecting your stone(s) while strengthening your setting with a brand new mounting of your choice.

Ring Sizing
Whether it's a plain gold wedding band or an elaborate diamond or colored stone ring, we possess the skill and experience necessary to guarantee a quality sizing job. Very often, sizing a ring requires cutting the shank and either removing metal or adding it. It also means that as the ring is contracted or expanded, it is very important that we protect the integrity of any stones within the mounting. Regardless of the difficulty, we guarantee your satisfaction. If we do our job right, you'll never know we touched it.

Stone Setting and Replacement
We specialize in setting loose or replacement stones. Much of our custom work involves setting loose stones, so when it comes to resetting or replacing a lost or damaged stone, this repair is almost second nature.

Chain / Bracelet Repair
In most cases, when your gold chain or bracelet (14k, 18k or 24k gold) breaks or weakens, it can be repaired. We offer link repair, installation of new catches, and soldering.

Gold, Rhodium and Silver Plating
Though it isn't often that we receive a request for gold or rhodium plating, we do have the ability to plate items that have lost their previous plating.

Watch Repair
Our on-site watch repairmen are highly skilled and routinely perform some of the most difficult watch repairs, including movement and face cleaning, hand and crown replacement, and moisture related repairs. We also contract with the area's premier watch and clock repairman for jobs requiring more extensive time and effort. He is a certified Rolex repairman and master clock repairman. And for your everyday needs, we are able to assist you with batteries, watch bands, and other minor repairs.

Over time, the string used to create a pearl necklace will weaken or break. When this occurs, we offer restringing services guaranteed to restore your strand of pearls to like new condition.



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